Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Evening Update

Etchemin has generously offered to lend KiwiBird his Spot, so once she gets to CP1, she may have a track in Challenge Mapper once again. I haven't heard from her since the 1445 call, so she is not yet aware of this arrangement. I've advised FlieswithKiwiBird in case she gets a call this evening.

By all accounts, this has been a tough day for the kayakers. SandyBottom's position at 2050 was roughly where she was last year a little after 1800. Like KB, SB is one tough cookie, and she will soldier through. Of more concern was a Log Book report on the WaterTribe discussion forum that KneadingWater has dropped out with a shoulder injury. Very sorry to hear that. Seiche appears to be making good progress considering the conditions.

Outside, the sailboats have been headed some as well, but they have the option of tacking and can continue to make progress into a headwind. DwSB and SOS are making good progress toward CP1, but it won't be an early arrival.

At the front, SewSew seems to be pulling away a bit from Bumpy and Machoman. These are all international calibre sailors, and I suspect they'll take it down to the wire. The conditions aren't particularly favorable for a new record, but who knows?

This is probably the last post for today, as halftime is about over in the Carolina-Duke game.

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