Monday, March 7, 2011

KiwiBird, still paddling with Seiche, is about 4 sm from Capri Pass at Marco Island and making excellent progress. I had thought they were with SandyBottom, but Steve talked to her shortly ago, and she hasn't seen them. She went inside at Gordon Pass and is just to the north in the image above. Others nearby are Whale to the southwest and Cwolfe, farther to the west. AhMaChamee is aat the top of the image.

Tides are not favorable for an attempt at Indian Key Pass this evening, so I expect they will camp and make the entrance to Everglades City in the wee hours tomorrow.

In other news DwSB and SOS have rounded Cape Sable and are less than hour from CP3. They should finish today, but perhaps not until after dark. They are first in class and third overall at the moment.

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