Monday, March 28, 2011

RIP Thomas Eisner

Nothing to do with kayaking, but lots to do with enquiry and adventure.

Thomas Eisner, a world-renowned authority on animal behavior, chemical ecology and evolution, died on March 25, 2011. He was one of my favourite people. When I worked at Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, I was lucky to help arrange a film interview with Tom, talking about his Sigma Xi-sponsored research project trip--a true adventurous learning experience--he took with E.O. Wilson at the very beginning of their careers.

The interview's 9:05 mins (scroll down to an interview with Thomas Eisner(9:05) and click on that). You will recognize the excitement of an enquiring mind and a true believer in the wonders of being a scientist.


Tante said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. He and his wife were always so good to me. I cleaned their residence for about 25 years, and was treated like one of the family. He will be greatly missed.

Floatsome said...

It has truly been a tough winter for the grandmen of science. First George Bugliarello, now Tom Eisner. I never had the pleasure to meet Tom, but his presence has been all around me for most of two decades.