Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday afternoon update

KB appears to have stopped for a natural break just short of Siesta Key, and SB is perhaps a half nm behind. KneadingWater is another half back, but it appears he stopped for a bite to eat is Sarasota.

KB and KW spent much of the morning together, as they often do. This is already stacking up to be another tag team of the dynamic threesome, and Seiche may make it four. In an endurance kayaking event a group of paddlers may have slightly different rhythms (natural breaks, for example) that result in small gaps, but they're usually in sight of each other during the day and camp together most evenings. It's very much an individual thing, yet there's plenty of camaraderie to go along.

At the front of the race, Bumpy and Machoman and SewSew (21' trimaran) have both passed through Checkpoint 1. DwSB and SOS are outside near YellowThing, but there are a bunch of boats around.

Stop the presses: KB just called (@14:44) and her Spot abandoned ship just south of Sarasota. We won't be able to follow her on the Challenge Mapper any long, but she'll probably be close to SB and KW. I'll expect more calls as well to update her position.


Doug said...

So who's posting the updates for KB?


Kristen said...


It's Floatsome (aka Dave a ways down the streets but still in Durham).