Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At 16:35 KiwiBird (and presumably Seiche) were a little more than 5 miles from Shark River Chickee, the location of which is shown above. I know that isn't terribly informative, and zooming in in Google Earth doesn't actually show anything I could be sure is a chickee, so if you want to see more, please have a look here. Everglades Diary has nice descriptions of the chickees of Everglades Park as well as directions for getting to them. KB should be there by 18:00 assuming the tidal current isn't too bad.

The attrition rate in this Challenge continues to be pretty challenging. SandyBottom declared this morning in Chokloskee, reporting oozing abrasions that had no business on the Wilderness Waterway. I've actually paddled with Dawn more than Kristen--although trips with both have been the best--and I can assure you she is not a quitter. This is her eighth Everglades Challenge and only DNF. She is also the only woman ever to complete the 1,200 mile Ultra Florida Challenge. One notable characteristic that Dawn has that matches her toughness is her sound judgment. It was hard for her do, but it was necessary. May she enjoy tall cool ones in Key Largo this evening!

Unless something changes, I'm going to take the evening off. Talk to you soon after sparrow fart tomorrow.

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