Monday, March 7, 2011

On the edge of the Glades

Heard from KiwiBird about 10 minutes ago. The connection was very bad, so I'm guessing she was on the edge of Verizon coverage, which would have put her close to Gullivan Key. She said it was an absolutely beautiful evening. In my imagination--because I've never been there--I see this as the beginning of the most special part of the trip. Of course, she's the one who's convinced me of that, and by all evidence, I'd be a lifeless lump IF I could get that far.

Neither the tides nor the ranger-station-open-hours favor an immediate assault on Everglades City. She and Seiche will camp somewhere (White Horse Key, Indian Key?) and decide on whether to leave at very small digit hours to ride the tide in.

They still have not connected with SandyBottom, and cell coverage will be minimal-to-none until they get to Everglades City. Even there, it will be a short period in range of civilization. After that it's black out for about two days.

PS I forgot to mention that DwSB and SOS are into the Twisty Mile with a trace of daylight left. By all reports, navigation thereafter is no given, but they may be through the worst of it. They could be 3-4 hours from Key Largo.

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