Saturday, March 12, 2011


I had a great conversation with Kristen late yesterday afternoon. She'd had a nap (not to mention that hot shower) and was feeling pretty excited about the previous six days. The trip across Florida Bay was truly harrowing, and there are more details about the passage of the front that I think everyone will find interesting. There was also an encounter with four young men in the Everglades that led to a finger-lickin' good meal (not something you normally expect deep in the nowhere).

I'm going to leave it to her to tell those stories--as well as do her usual gear review--so be sure to check back regularly. It's been a great deal of fun, if at times a little nerve wracking. Thanks to FlieswithKiwiBird for meticulous reporting and to you for your support. Maybe we'll meet here again next March.


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Vivian said...

Congratulations Kiwi Bird! Definately an incredible feat given the conditions you must've dealt with. Connie and I were tracking your progress via TABA's reports. It was great meeting you at Ft. de Soto. Vivian