Sunday, March 6, 2011

Late morning Sunday update

KB called about 1000 and left a voicemail message wondering about weather reports. She and Seiche are holed up on the north shore of Charlotte Sound waiting for the wind to drop. It was too rough to attempt a crossing. Likewise, ArdieO has reported high waves at Sanibel.

The weather forecast obviously missed on this one. It may be that the front that was supposed to arrive overnight tonight is already making an appearance. If so, that will eventually bring the wind back around from the north, which will be a great improvement.

If you've tried the Challenge Mapper, you're aware that it's not working right now. Overload most likely, which is a testament to how popular the EC has become. Unfortunately, because KB is using someone else's Spot, I can't log into the account to see exactly where she is.

I left her a voicemail message with a weather report and an update on the Challenge Mapper situation. Next time she turns on her phone, she may see that and check in. I'll let you know.

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