Thursday, March 10, 2011

Into the Night

It's been more than an hour since I've been able to see a new KB Spot track. The last received was at Dump Keys, which is about three miles west of Twisty Mile, where her intended course across Florida Bay would become clear. Thus the decision has been made, but we can't see it yet.

I'm learning that this is becoming routine when conditions are difficult. Two other competitors disappeared for more than five hours today according to Spot tracking, but at this point they appear to be okay. I've noticed that overhead vegetation can prevent transmissions; apparently a rocking boat can too. Sometimes no news is unnerving.

On the image above, you can see Dump Keys at left. If KB goes north, Crocodile Dragover is at the south end of Big Key. If she takes the usual route, which I expect she will, Twisty Mile starts just east of End Key. You can see the channel just above "Google."

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