Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2009 Yukon 1000 #2

Well, SandyBottom and I are into the planning for next year's inaugural 2009 Yukon 1000 Canoe and Kayak Race. That means, I've started a spreadsheet to list expenses (ouch), looked up what charts we'll need, checked that flights do indeed go to Whitehorse, and are actively looking for a boat.

Initially we had high hopes to use a
Kruger Cruiser, but it seems the race rules don't allow that boat in the canoe class, using single blades with a rudder. We can enter the Cruiser as a "kayak", but that means double blades and no rudder. This has started an interesting discussion on WaterTribe's discussion forum, and it's nice to see race organizer Peter Coates contributing, as well as Mr. Kruger himself, Mark Przedwojewski, aka ManitouCruiser.

So, if anyone has any good ideas on a suitable tandem for this great adventure (minimum beam of 26"), we'd be open to suggestions!


Ginger Travis said...

If you're a pair, why not do the race in a conventional canoe? The advantage would be that you'd have a lot to choose from up there -- you could probably arrange to rent or buy a fast 18-footer.
Or how about a tandem folding kayak? You two would be a beast in that.

DaveO said...

I'd consider giving Doug Simpson at Feathercraft a shout. K-2 Expedition or perhaps, aptly named for your adventure, the Klondike? They love em up around Petersburg with the rocky coast becuase they tend to glide over rocks rather than shatter like gel coat.