Monday, March 3, 2008

KiwiBird overnighted somewhere between Sanibel and Wiggins Pass and is currently just off Wiggins. I assume there must be somewhat favorable winds, as she is running about 0.8 miles offshore, rather than staying as close to the windward shore as possible.

Winds are predicted to turn gradually toward the southeast and then to the south tonight, continuing at 10-15 knots. If she can pass Cape Romano before too much of that happens, it would be expeditious. From Cape Romano to Chokoloskee, the track is more or less east. Although the south wind will be better for sailing, there will also be larger waves, as the wind will be blowing in unimpeded off the Gulf.

Incidentally, this came from SPOT, which apparently is resurrected. Let's hope it continues its recovery, as more frequent position reports will be in the offing.--Floatsome


Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi Kristen and Floatsome,
I've been following your reports with interest.

Can you give any details on what happened to the SPOT beacon?

I had occasional issues with it during the month I tested it, and I'm wondering whether your onwater hiccups with it were the same ones I sometimes encountered on land.


Kristen said...


It does seem to be related to being on the water. This morning's successful transmission was shortly after putting in.

She said yesterday morning that red lights had been on, but I haven't spoken to her directly since then. She does know that one transmission got through, though, so she'll keep trying.


Michael said...

Kristen - what fun to have you paddling through waters I know! I was south of Marco 2 years ago. Keep going, girl. I'm pushing as hard as I can from here...! ;-)