Sunday, March 23, 2008

Florida Keys: a first

What does a tired kayaker and her family do once everyone's scarpered 2008's Everglades Challenge? Explore the Keys! Off we headed for three days, basing ourselves in the Bay View Inn Motel, in Conch Key, right on the waterfront on the Bay side. A marina finger was being upgraded right outside our front porch, which the WeeOne and I watched each morning with interest.

First off was feeding the tarpon at Robbie's Marina, on Islamorada. Only for the brave, who don't mind the risk of losing a finger or three! For just a few dina you get a small pail of herring to feed these massive hungry fish. First, you think there aren't enough fish in that wee pail - don't worry, you'll soon change your mind, that there's just enough, or perhaps one or two more than necessary. And if it ain't the fish that get the herring, watch out for the pelicans! This was so much fun.

Then an explore and walk around Bahia Honda State Park. Rated one of the top beaches, we'd have to agree - not a big beach, but beautiful all the same.

And I have always wanted to drive over Seven Mile Bridge!

Our day in Key West was one of rain, but braving the elements we wandered around quite happily. Enjoying a drink on the waterfront, old ships atied beside us, with some great live music, made up for the soggy streets.

In fact the weather wasn't the best for most of the trip, cancelling snorkelling trips and glass-bottomed tour boats; but who cares when you can still wander around wearing shorts, knowing that way up north, snow's afalling!