Sunday, March 2, 2008

Difficult Day

I spoke to FWKB a few minutes ago, who had recently spoken to KiwiBird. Today was very difficult for vessels that don't like to sail or be paddled toward the wind. KB tried going outside at Sanibel Bridge and met 10-15 knots on the nose. That's hard going, and the sail does nothing more than obscure visibility and slow you down.

Today KB had a training day. Paddle, paddle, paddle; go hardly anywhere. FWKB said KB sounded tired and frustrated, and that's hardly surprising. Join the ranks of those who paddled, rather than sailed, and didn't quite round the mark before the wind turned foul. Lots of people had a tough time today. If it were easy, we'd be doing it. Tomorrow she will be stronger.

KB was in San Carl0s Bay and still hoping to make Wiggins Pass by the back route.--Floatsome

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