Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On to CP2

KB's SPOT checked in at 06:55 from the same location as 00:19, so it looks like she got five or six hours of sleep. By the way, the place has a name: White Horse Key.

The tide is high at 13:14 at Chokoloskee, 16 miles east of her current location, so she's in a good position to ride the tide in, check in at CP2, get her Everglades NP permit and head out toward CP3. I have no idea whether she's planning to take the Wildnerness Highway through ENP or go outside.

Last night KneadingWater was aiming to land at White Horse Key some time in the wee hours, so they may have met up. They paddled together last year, along with SandyBottom, through part of ENP.--Floatsome

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