Thursday, March 6, 2008

In the Ditch

But that's a good thing, honest! At 16:16 Kristen activated her SPOT and her position put her in the Intracoastal Waterway (it's dredged, hence "the ditch") 5.77 miles southwest of the finish. The wind is blowing a steady 10 mph from the south, and her track is northeast, so she'll finally get some sailing in today. I'm guessing that she'll finish by 17:30. I'll be rescuing an ailing auto about that time, but will confirm the delightful details as soon as I get back to a computer.

Late breaking news: She just covered 2.85 miles in 22 minutes--just about surfing. Revise that ETA to 17:10!


Adam Bolonsky said...

Holy Cow!

Was that 2.85 nautical miles in 22 minutes?

If so, that's a speed of 7.7 kts!

No wonder she likely came in first!


David said...


The Challenge does mileage in statute miles, so it's 7.7 mph--still booking it.