Tuesday, March 4, 2008


KiwiBird just called in at 15:00 and is departing CP2 as I write. I hesitate to mention this, since she views the Everglades Challenge as a competition with herself, not with the other athletes, but the WaterTribe Web site says she was the first Class 1 boat (female or male) to arrive at CP2 (at 12:52); SaltyFrog was 8 minutes behind and has already headed out again.

She said the conditions have been "absolutely terrible, nothing like last year. It's a real challenge, which is why they call it that." She has developed a nasty abrasion on one thumb and was hit by a manatee last night, but otherwise she is well and sounded her usual chipper Kiwi self.

Her plan for the rest of the day is to enter the Wildnerness Waterway with NatureCalls and spend the night on a chickie somewhere. Tomorrow they plan to go back outside and spend Wednesday night at Cape Sable. From there, it's CP3 Thursday night.

There will be no cell-phone coverage for the next few days, so I admonished her to push her SPOT check often. What I forgot to request was for her to send pictures, so you get more Google Earth--Floatsome

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