Monday, March 3, 2008

Turning a Corner

FWKB heard from KB at 4:45 this afternoon. She was at Big Marco Pass, which leads over to the back route to Chokoloskee. She's hoping to reach there (CP2) tonight. (Current position above; overview of the day below.) There have been no further SPOT check-ins since this morning, so we're not sure what's up with that.

The first 20 miles from New Pass this morning were tough, but conditions have eased somewhat. She had traveled 33.4 miles in 10 hours. About 28 remain to Chokoloskee, but it's hard to tell with any exactness, since the route is somewhat convoluted.

At one point today she had a shark circle the boat at fairly high speed. Other encounters of the wild sort included sting rays and a dolphin. FWKB said KB sounded somewhat tired but nowhere near so much so as yesterday. FWKB expects to hear from her when she reaches CP2.--Floatsome

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