Saturday, March 1, 2008

They're Off!

3/1/08, 07:02: KiwiBird's SPOT reported a Check OK this morning, which tells me she's on the water and headed for CP1.--Floatsome


Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi Kristen,
thanks for keeping us posted on your latest adventure! It sure looks like a lot of fun.

I've been intrigued especially to see that you've been making use of your SPOT beacon.

I've found it to be a handy unit also: simple and reassuring.

Best of luck on your next legs!


Kristen said...

Hi Adam--

When I talked to Kristen this morning, she said her SPOT is showing red lights. I sure would like to know regularly where she is.


Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi David,
I encountered those red lights also. Is there any chance that, after sending an OK transmission, Kristen hits the OK button almost immediately again?

If I remember right, doing so cancels the previous transmission, and gives red lights.

I found that the best way to assess a transmission was to watch the ON and OK led's after making a transmission - sometimes for up to three minutes - to make sure the lights continue to blink in phase. If they continue to blink in phase things are ok.

I'd be disappointed to find out that she has a defective unit!