Saturday, March 1, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

By now KiwiBird has finished the 6+ mile crossing of Tampa Bay and made an important decision: Stay inside or go out? East or west of Anna Maria Island?

Checking the weather at various points between the Start and CP1, there's not much wind and what there is comes mostly from the east, arguing for the more-direct outside route. As long as the wind doesn't shift to the westerly or southerly quadrant, the seas will be relatively calm, and there's likely to be bit more breeze to fill her Pacific Action sail.

On the other hand, inside is a bit more scenic and less subject to big wakes from lumbering stink... (er, powerboats). I'm not a gambler at heart, so I'll wait on SPOT for the verdict.

Last year saw big winds out of the WNW, allowing KB to average 4.6 miles per hour (mph) and reach CP1 a little after 21:00. I'm guessing it will take a little longer today, but it should be a great paddle. Temperatures in the low 70s and plentiful sunshine. It will probably be tomorrow morning before I can provide details.--Floatsome

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