Saturday, March 1, 2008

Half Way to CP 1

That’s one decision down. KB was on the inside at Little Sarasota Bay at 15:10, where she called DWKB. She’s feeling fine and had covered 34.1 miles at an average of 4.2 mph—right on target for mostly paddling. She had been paddling with Kneading Water, but the wind came up a little (most likely afternoon onshore breezes) and they separated.

She did have an incident with a large power yacht (aka stink…, oh never mind) whose skipper appeared to decide that she should get out of the way while they backed up. No lectures on the rules of the road from me today, but human-powered vessels trump motor-driven ones unless the latter is restricted in its ability to maneuver. In any case, the most important thing is that she did get out of the way.

KB is about 32 miles from CP1, and we should expect her there by 22:30ish, by which time I’ll be a pumpkin. Depending on how she feels and the wind state, she may continue a little farther before camping for the night.--Floatsome

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