Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Predawn Day Five

KiwiBird pressed her SPOT Check OK at 05:05 this morning, and her position indicated that she was on the water and underway. Winds (5-10 knots) are predicted to move from southwest to south during the day, so I'm guessing she wants to get around Cape Sable as early as possible. High tide at Flamingo is at 14:16, low at 21:01. She has 53 miles to go to CP3, which should take 12-16 hours under reasonably good conditions. In any case, she will be either very near or at CP3 when she stops tonight, making for a likely Thursday arrival at Key Largo. Fortunately, the west-to-south winds should be putting some water back in Florida Bay. For visual variety, such as it is, I plotted her likely track for the day.--Floatsome

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