Sunday, March 2, 2008


KB checked in this morning at 07:20. She'd been on the water since 06:45 and was experiencing very good sailing conditions. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the cell phone connection. I did get that she was about 2 miles south of CP1 and had arrived at CP1 last night at 22:05--excellent pace from her last check in.

She plans to forge on and spend the night either at Wiggins Pass or Marco. She will probably call FWKB next.--Floatsome

PS Have you noticed how many islands are called Bird Key?


Michael said...

Looking good! I am having some difficulty with what colour spot KB is. You said red, but I see mostly blue... Am I that old? LOL

Kristen said...


I just figured out this morning how to put lines into Google Earth. She should have been somewhere near the end of the white line in the morning post at 07:20. Prior to that I didn't really know where she was. Assuming that she's making the same average as yesterday (4.3 mph), she should be a mile or so south of Sanibel Island. Incidentally, the red/orange and blue dots are Google Earth "features," so your eyes are too good!